Maximum effect
from the first contact


With your new A-Card with NFC tags, you can enjoy all the digital benefits with a single touch of your smartphone.

Android and iOS devices are supported without installing any additional apps.

Share any information with your A-Card

Ability to edit the A-Card without restrictions
at any time
Position, company
Social networks

A-Card for business

Plan meetings and conferences

Add a link to your calendar and receive invitations to meetings from potential partners.

Generate new leads

Share contacts with potential clients or partners and automatically save them to your smartphone.

Attach your landing page

Present your service, product to the full extent. Add links to videos, presentations, price lists and more.

Your A-Card is always with you

Range of NFC carriers

A-Card for everyone

Choose your A-Card
14.99 €
  • Share contacts with your A-Card
  • in a corporate design with one touch
  • Exchange of contacts
  • ✓ Meeting planner
  • ✓ Lead generation
  • ✓ Social networks
Entrepreneur: Corporate
34.99 €*year (from 50 pcs)
  • Branded A-Card with product page attached
  • ✓ Your domain
  • ✓ Full A-Card branding
  • ✓ Exchange of contacts
  • ✓ Meeting planner
  • ✓ Product page
  • ✓ Lead generation
  • ✓ Social networks

* price for one

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